Looking forward to April and the chance to spread Autism Awareness and Acceptance with Bubbles 4 Autism. With all of the school testing and scattered spring breaks, it’s tough to choose one date this year. What are your best idea of a possible date for your school?
Some like to celebrate with Bubbles on the last day before break, some do it on the last date after school testing. Some like Fridays before school buses arrive, so do it at recess. Whatever works to spread awareness and acceptance works for all of us!

Tie it in to Autism Walks as we do at Stockton University each year, add this to Earth Day programs as we celebrate spring and the importance of everyone coming together for change.

Our BUBBLES 4 Autism challenge this year is to create BUBBLES CIRCLES —

CIRCLES OF DISCUSSION AND READING, CIRCLES OF SUPPORT, CIRCLES OF HOPE, CIRCLES OF AWARENESS AND ACCEPTANCE, and even CIRCLES OF INCLUSION! Everyone is welcome in these circles! Let’s gather in those circles wherever we are, bring our bubbles and take photos for all of social media to see. Even BUBBLES ARE CIRCLES! Bubbles are joyful and inclusive and unique. Circles unite us all.

The poet Rilke writes:

I live my life in widening circles
That reach out across the world.
I may not complete this last one,
But I will give myself to it.

May we embrace the innermost circle of our ourselves with unconditional love, and extend that same caring to all we know and don't know; to humans and animals who are suffering, and to our largest circle it togetherness —
this precious Earth.

Thank you once again for sharing our annual bubbles ritual, and may you continue the good work of awareness you are doing, for the welfare of all beings everywhere.

DO YOU KNOW THE SONG “All My Life’s a Circle?” by Harry Chapin? Check it out.

What a great place to teach about inclusion!

Read books about inclusion and sing songs together.

Last year, people read books about autism including the children’s book “So Did Kevin”, which is about Bubbles Day. Reach out to me at imosca@faces4autism.org for a PDF of the book for your class. ?